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Our short term loans provide the ability to maximise on investment properties where speed is key and flexibility essential.  Our dedicated team personally assesses every case based on its own merits.

We take pride in the breadth of specialist buy-to-let options we offer.  We will lend on portfolios big and small, on single to multi-let properties and on residential and commercial assets. We have a genuine appetite to lend and are not bound by the same limitations as the high street banks. 

Our experienced team understands trading businesses and applies a common sense approach when making commercial decisions.  We recognise the importance of a mortgage that supports your business by offering tailored repayment options. This means you can focus on achieving your business goals.  

We apply our values in everyday practice and we set our own high standards when it comes to delivering innovative products and an award winning service based on what clients tell us they need.

If you would like to learn more about Shawbrook and how we can help you and your business, please give us a call or speak to your broker. If you do not currently use a broker, please call our team on 01277 751 112 and we will provide you with a list of options.


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From 1 July 2017

Please note that Shawbrook Bank applies a minimum rate of 0.75% to the term rate margin.

If your loan completed before January 2011, you may be on a different version of LIBOR. If you think this may affect your loan, please contact us on 0345 848 0223.

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