David Smith, Falmouth Arms, Ladock, Cornwall

David and Emmeline Smith had been leasing the Falmouth Arms in Ladock from a brewery for six years, and during this time they developed the 300 year old building into a community hub. As the only pub in the village, the Falmouth Arms had a strong customer base and enjoyed particularly busy summers when tourists headed to Cornwall.  At the end of 2012, David and Emmeline made the decision to buy the pub and become independent. 

The idea of developing an independent local pub seemed like a straightforward move to David and Emmeline but there was a rocky road ahead. David spoke to Gary Spencer at Bedrock Business Finance, a specialist commercial mortgage broker, who helped him to secure finance through Shawbrook Bank.

David comments: “It was not easy finding a commercial mortgage.  Pubs seem to be a no-go zone for so many of the banks but as I was already operating the business Shawbrook were able to be more flexible and gave me enough to make the purchase."

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From 1 January 2017

Please note that Shawbrook Bank applies a minimum rate of 0.75% to the term rate margin.

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