Keith Kelly, Kelly’s Dance Studio

Keith Kelly has been dancing all his life and he established Kelly’s Dance Studio over 30 years ago. He has been teaching at his current studio in Hampton Wick, Kingston-Upon-Thames, for nearly 25 years. So when the time came for the Kellys to renegotiate their lease, they chose instead to try to buy it.

“With the popularity of shows like Strictly Come Dancing our client base has shown steady growth and we were more than confident about the business’s future prospects. We just needed to find a mortgage lender who believed in that future too.” 

"Unfortunately this proved to be easier said than done, but once Shawbrook Bank entered the picture, things started to look up."

"It was Danny at Pure Funding Solutions who really brought it home to us how different Shawbrook was from the high street banks we’d previously approached. We’re truly indebted to them."

“In all honesty getting the finance wasn’t easy. Shawbrook were totally upfront with us and asked us to meet certain strict requirements - but by working closely with Pure Funding we were able to satisfy all requirements. What’s more, our business is all the better for it: the accounting books are now immaculate and it made us really look into and break down our long term targets, which unquestionably helped our business.”



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From 1 July 2017

Please note that Shawbrook Bank applies a minimum rate of 0.75% to the term rate margin.

If your loan completed before January 2011, you may be on a different version of LIBOR. If you think this may affect your loan, please contact us on 0345 848 0223.

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